Poetry: my butterfly

Thirty-one million five hundred and thirty-six thousand     Breathe. It only takes a second. Before you know it, another has passed. You can make the next one.   Breathe.   A butterfly floats in the breeze. Her world is full of colour and light- the peace of the clouds and the sun where birdsong… Continue reading Poetry: my butterfly

Poetry: an unfinished stream of consciousness part III

Finally, you.   You feel the sun on your face and the sand in your toes. You guard the flame of your heart as your light slowly grows. You watch the waves as a tear gently falls to your nose but you’re stronger than he, or anyone, knows and you’ll stand up and fight even… Continue reading Poetry: an unfinished stream of consciousness part III

Poetry: my brain’s core and a namesake

Scripted Daydreams   Eyelids left dusted by darkness, weighed down by the echoes of dreams in my head- she’d been writing a poem while I was asleep: I ask her to read it back to me, but I open my eyes and she’s gone.   Aching muscles want to stay cosy, the peace of my… Continue reading Poetry: my brain’s core and a namesake

Poetry: an unfinished stream of consciousness

You are the sun on my face and the waves at my feet. You are the breath in my lungs and the light in my eyes. You are the song in my head going round on repeat and you’re there in my chest dancing to my heart beat and you’re there but you’re here somehow,… Continue reading Poetry: an unfinished stream of consciousness

Poetry: one I’m reluctant to share

The dress   Wet feet on the mat cool air meets warm skin clean fingers touch glass draw a face with a grin.   In soft cotton blanket she turns with a stare the dress she laid out hanging over a chair.   She wanted to wear it she knew that she must yet memories… Continue reading Poetry: one I’m reluctant to share