Poetry: an unfinished stream of consciousness

You are the sun on my face and the waves at my feet. You are the breath in my lungs and the light in my eyes. You are the song in my head going round on repeat and you’re there in my chest dancing to my heart beat and you’re there but you’re here somehow,… Continue reading Poetry: an unfinished stream of consciousness

Poetry: one I’m reluctant to share

The dress   Wet feet on the mat cool air meets warm skin clean fingers touch glass draw a face with a grin.   In soft cotton blanket she turns with a stare the dress she laid out hanging over a chair.   She wanted to wear it she knew that she must yet memories… Continue reading Poetry: one I’m reluctant to share

Poetry: when my brain lets me down

Fracture   May skies a calming ocean of cloudless warmth, sheets of soft blue silk floating in the breeze as rays of light beam down, softly stroking my skin with a tender touch, smiling at me in this peaceful quiet as gentle birdsong plays, a tide of spring air fills my lungs and I can… Continue reading Poetry: when my brain lets me down

Poetry: what my heart has to say

8 months   Some days it feels like you’ve never been gone. Closed eyes take me to yesterday and you are there your colours shining so brightly your laughter filling the room and the sound of my name called with a beaming smile filling my heart life bursting from you your energy radiant and inescapably… Continue reading Poetry: what my heart has to say

Poetry: modern culture and a story of corruption

Peaches   Untouched flesh Soft and gentle and yet to be bruised, like a ripening peach. She is not weak, but she is vulnerable.   The allure of the peaches they cannot escape- the creatures that come to corrupt. They sense it and quietly, slowly, they come, creep, multiply. Creeping they come to invade the… Continue reading Poetry: modern culture and a story of corruption