Poetry: when my brain lets me down



May skies

a calming ocean of cloudless warmth, sheets of soft blue silk

floating in the breeze as rays of light beam down, softly stroking my skin

with a tender touch, smiling at me in this peaceful quiet

as gentle birdsong plays, a tide of spring air fills my lungs and I can feel

my heart beating, as I watch the bright flowers dance in the distance

but then

the curtain falls

darkness descends.


Frost invades with a chilling breath.

The birds flee as dark clouds advance

and thunder starts to tiptoe,

whispering to me until my ears ring-

I lose my balance.

My vision blurs as mist floods around me,

weighing heavy on my fragile skin,

poisoning my body with every breath-

my veins cry out for relief, but instead

hailstones begin to pelt upon me like bullets,

bruising me- tears of blood come gushing

as my scars fracture, a crack tears through a frozen lake

and I am drowning

in blinding pain as I suffer the cold of a thousand winters-

I hear my own muffled screams as if from a distance


but I know I am making no sound

for I feel nothing

and I see no red

I am a shadow painted on a bedroom wall

numbness swallows me

and I am gone.


Fracture, BM- 28/05/18


instagram: scripteddaydreams

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