Poetry: a modern sonnet



A budding flower choked by tensile wire

The beauty of a heart’s discordant ache

Dark eyes pull me to run through open fire

Eternal wounds: a path I always take


Your touch brings heat that scorches, stains my skin

On fragile parchment, scars you gently paint

Tiptoed tightrope I walk, as air grows thin

A daisy chain that binds: my love’s constraint


I lose myself amongst your starry sky

This blissful pain that rings through songbird voice

My brain will whisper ‘don’t, it’s all a lie’

Re- read the book: I still make the same choice


For as your face appears, defiled by rain

The fear to fall will wash away again


-Wire, BM- 24.03.18 


instagram: scripteddaydreams

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